Memorial Weekend - Labor Day Weekend*

*Pool will be closed M-F beginning August 14


 Monday - Saturday          12:00p-6:00p

Sunday                                    1:00p-6:00p


Pool will close at 4:00p on Wednesday June 12 & 26 for home Swim Meets.


Outside Food & Drink

 Outside food or beverages may not be brought into the pool area.  In addition, food or drink may not be ordered & delivered from outside establishments (pizza, etc) to persons at the pool 

Pets / Animals

  Pets, with the exception of Seeing Eye dogs, are not permitted in the complex during scheduled pool activities.


Smoking is not permitted at the pool, or on the premises (including parking lot or shelter)

Inclement Weather

 Pool hours may be shortened due to inclement weather.  When lightning or thunder has been observed by staff, the pool will be cleared for a  minimum of 30 minutes.

Required Swimwear

 Swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear. Cut-offs, shorts, t-shirts or other “street clothes” will not be permitted in the pool. Swim Suits should be appropriate for a family oriented facility. 

Audio Devices

 The use of radios and other audio devises, are permitted with the use of  headphones only.  


Refunds will not be given to individuals who have been at the pool for at least 60 minutes.

Closing For The Day

Staff reserves the right to close the pool if the forecast or actual weather will present potentially unsafe conditions for the public.

In addition, the pool will not open if the forecast high is below 70*.

Personal Toys

 Any object brought into the pool area is subject to the approval of the lifeguards, and may be prohibited if they will present a potential unsafe condition. 

Personal inflatables are NOT allowed.  

Toddler Pool

 The Toddler Pool is for the benefit and enjoyment of children 3 years or younger. Children using this pool must be accompanied at all times by a parent, guardian, or a responsible person who is present in the immediate area of the Toddler Pool.  

This area does NOT have a lifeguard.

Age Requirements

 Individuals under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a paying adult at all times.

Expected Behavior

Pool Staff have the authority to enforce pool policies. Supervisory management may expel anyone from the pool area who acts improperly or fails to cooperate in in maintaining safety or observing pool rules. Continued improper actions may result in banishment from the pool for the season.